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Write a ficlet on the theme of "trust".

//I don't think, even after all of this time, that I'm ever going to understand Humans...//

\\What this time?\\

//Their religious book that tells them knowledge is evil and blind obedience and trust is good. It makes no sense.//

\\I'm fairly sure I know where that idea came from...\\

//Ah. Of course. Should have known.//

So many of the younger races trust the Vorlons. Trust them blindly, implicitly, so willing to overlook the horrors they have committed; the evils they have done. It frustrates the Shadows sometimes, that they should have to struggle so hard not just against the younger races' mistrust of the unknown, but also against the mistrust that has been built into so many of them.

The Vorlons, master manipulators that they are, have changed the very genetic makeup of so many of the races, building into them the automatic acceptance of them and an instinctive fear of the Shadows. And yet they claim that they are the force of good -- bringers of light and enlightenment, despite the fact that what they bring is exactly the opposite.

For millennia they have been altering the younger races. Manipulating them at their most basic levels to like them; to trust them. And then allowing themselves to be seen at certain times: glowing, perfect representatives of those races who appear in times of trouble and great need. They worm their way into the psyche of each race, encourage the reverence and worship, and the blind obedience. They make the races trust them, when all they are is a Lie.

The Shadows are relieved to find the Humans, because they, at least, have the sense to be outraged when they learn they've been lied to and used. They, at least, have the sense to question whether it is so wise to blindly follow without learning the truth. Now, the Shadows must fight against that genetic coding that tells the Humans they are demons, and help them understand how dangerous trusting the Vorlons can be...

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 342 per PocketWord
Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse
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