Feb. 22nd, 2004

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What is your favourite guilty indulgence?

We don't have guilty indulgences -- guilt is not an emotion we bother with.

But we do have our indulgences -- even a race as ancient as the Shadows must have indulgences.

We enjoy feeding. Not just eating for sustenance, but pinning our prey down and sinking our claws into it; making its blood spurt; making it scream and hurt. The pain feeds us nearly as well as the flesh does, but it is the fear that adds the true spice. We don't indulge in this too often, because we do not have unlimited access to the food source that provides the best of all three -- although the Lurkers in Downbelow are fairly plentiful and no one will miss them if we are circumspect...

But more than using humans for food, we enjoy indulging ourselves with them in other ways. At least, we do with certain ones -- ones who are stronger and more resilient than their fellows; who are both willing and able to look beyond our appearance, which often frightens their kind... We mentioned this before, but you seem to be fixated on issues of 'love' and sex.

Love is an alien concept to us, but lust is not, and we find as much pleasure in sex as other sentient creatures -- that is, other sentient creatures who do not deny themselves physical pleasures in some kind of foolish search for 'spiritual purity'. Our kind actually discovered the pleasure of sex with soft-bodied beings during the last great war -- how do you think the 'great' Galenn ended up in that nest in the first place?

Our size and structure make it difficult for many of the soft-bodied beings to accommodate our sexual organs, but those who can are prized. Those who enjoy it are even more so. You cannot imagine how good it feels to sink into that tight, tight heat; to taste their own hunger and lust as we coax it forth. How good it feels to bring them to the point where they surrender themselves completely to you...

Ah, such exquisite pleasure... One we look forward to experiencing again, very, very soon.

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 364


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