Mar. 3rd, 2004

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They can feel It out there, casting about; searching for souls that will accept Its offer of Power. It is so like them, and yet so unlike -- the Chaos It offers is so unfocused, serving no purpose other than to simply be disruptive. It thinks It will rise up and conquer the Universe, enslaving all to Its will. It is wrong.

The purpose of Chaos is to change things, to spur evolution. The Chaos It brings only leads to stagnation and servitude under It. There would be no growth, no change, no evolution. The lesser races would be Its slaves, nothing more.

They could not allow It to succeed.

Their spokesman, [ profile] mr_morden, was occupied, and they grew concerned that It would make Its move too soon. It was gathering Its army, preparing for battle. Once again, they would be forced to move before they were ready.

They could feel It beginning to bend Its will toward their section of this mad nexus, and for the first time in their memory, they actually felt fear: Its attention had passed over them, and seemed to be reaching for the Vorlons...

It had to be destroyed, or at the very least, sent somewhere that no being would ever be able to pick It up again; trapping It for all eternity until the Universe at last winked out of existence. They had to gather their own allies, scattered as they were by the war. They had to prepare, quickly. The lesser races, manipulated in their past as they had been by the Vorlons, would be too easily led into Its power. They had to reach them first, and offer them a chance to make their own decisions.

It was time...


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