Jun. 5th, 2004

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...BOB's postcards?//

Daffy looked at the tattered piece of mail the Drakh had brought to them. One corner was shredded and looked as if a creature with dirty claws had been pawing at it. The writing surface was smudged and had a distinct bootheel indentation with stains they didn't really want to identify. The stamp was partially folded back, but when they flattened it down again read, 'Intergalactic Arda Mail Service, Isenguard Branch.'

The picture on the front confirmed Bugs' initial suspicion -- it was, indeed, one from BOB's collection, and showed a beautiful green and forested valley, with snowcapped mountains in the distance. The light shining through the leaves in the foreground was dappled and green, and had a very warm feel to it. In the bottom corner, the words "Beautiful New Zealand" were printed in white.

\\Can you read what it says?\\

//It looks like it's Craig's writing -- yes! There's his signature... 'Am having a wonderful time here in Gondor. Going to the forest with Faramir tomorrow. Should be great fun! You two would love some of the buildings in the neighboring country -- all black and spiky. Just your style! Wish you were here, Craig'//

\\Well, it sounds like he's having a lot of fun there -- I can't imagine how the postcard got stepped on, though. Sloppy postmen...\\


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