Jun. 10th, 2004

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What is good? What is evil?

//More concepts for the younger races...//

\\Sometimes it's difficult to think in these simplistic terms, but listening in to their conversations often helps\\

//Especially their accusations at the fashion show?//

\\Definitely a good start...\\

The concepts you call 'good' and 'evil' are not concrete. They are not easily defined. They change depending on one's viewpoint. Sometimes a majority tries to label something one or the other -- often itself 'good', and the minority 'evil', while the minority claims the opposite.

The Vorlons claim that their way is good; that our way is evil. How can this be, when their way -- the way of Order -- can only lead to stagnation and eventually death? What good can come from the wasting away of great civilizations, the loss of all chance of discovery and growth?

The Universe was created in Chaos -- growth and change comes from Chaos. Evolution, mutation, accident -- these are what keeps life continuing. On many planets, if not for a freak combination of circumstances, life would never have even sparked into being. Order is inimical to this. Nothing would change, nothing would provide that spark, and all would just continue along as it always had, on a dull, lifeless world.

Once life exists, it must adapt; it must grow. For this to happen, there must be change. Order keeps this change from happening; stagnation occurs, and the beings cannot adapt and grow. Eventually, unable to change, they die out. To force this unnatural order on things; to force beings to submit to a way of thinking that will eventually result in their deaths and the end of their race? That is evil...

And to manipulate those races at a genetic level into believing this is a good thing is the most evil thing of all...

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 305 per Pocket Word


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