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What would a description of your *exact opposite* be like?

The two Shadows preen, admiring their shimmering black skin and glittering spines; the long dextrous claws of their hands; the terrifying spikes of their legs. Their sectioned, glowing red eyes strike a primitive terror reaction into even the most rational creatures' minds; but to those who are most evolved, they fascinate and intrigue. And to a select few, those who are able to look beyond the terrifying appearance to the amazing minds within the frightening shells, they can be beautiful and arousing...

We assume that you think our opposite would be some soft-bodied, unevolved younger race, since we are the most ancient of the ancients, but traits like that are minor compared to the beliefs of those who are truly our opposites. Where we believe that only through Chaos can life continue, they mistakenly believe that Order is the only way for the Universe to survive. They are so wrong about this, blinding themselves to the fact that through their kind of imposed Order, nothing but stagnation and death can result. And they prove this time and time again, when they destroy those races that embrace life and change, simply because they have embraced us. They would rather eradicate our influence rather than allow one of their precious experiments to grow beyond their restrictive parameters...

Our opposites are the Vorlons...

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 230 per MS Word
Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse
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