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How did you lose your virginity?

*Daffy uncurls from where he lies on the bed and looks at Bugs* \\That might be a good one to answer.\\

//Better than 'new years resolutions' or 'love at first sight'...//

\\Do you think they're ready for this answer?\\

//Do we care if they're ready? They asked the question...//

These are foolish, human-centric questions. We do not have the concept of 'virginity' as humans have. Yes, there is obviously a first time, but there is no rite of passage attached to it as there is with humans. Our first time with our own race?

We have good genes -- we are from strong, hardy stock. As soon as we were of breeding age, we were encouraged to multiply, to provide more warriors. We were proud to do this -- our ancestors came from the last great war; warriors who survived great hardship, survived the attacks by the cursed Vorlons and their pawns; even survived the attack by Galenn Shadowslayer...

Are you curious about our first time with other races? Our first time with soft-bodied races? Of course, our other servants do not entirely fit into this category -- many of them have harder skin than humans and Minbari, than Narn and Centauri. They are able to withstand so much more.

Our first time with truly soft-bodied beings was when the Icarus came to Z'ha'dum. We were among those who greeted the landing party; among those who offered them the choice that led to their fate. Because we were too young to have experienced them first-hand during the last great war, we did not truly understand how delicate they were, and so our first times with soft-bodied beings were... messy.

But it gave us a taste for their warmth, for the feel of their flesh yielding to our hardness. You have no idea how good it can be to sink into a soft, warm body; to feel its flesh surrounding us... There was only one who chose wisely and who was skilled enough to accomodate our hungers completely -- at least, of that group. The others either died, or ended up in our ships...

Later -- or, because of this time-shift, soon -- we obtained another willing companion. Very willing... He doesn't remember us now, but soon we will have him again. Soon, he will yield to us, and aid us in defeating our enemies...

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 400
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