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What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?

//Ah, this one is so easy to answer.//

\\But I doubt many of them would like to hear our answer. It might make them a little uncomfortable...\\

//You don't actually care about their comfort, do you?//

A perfect evening for us...

Morden corners our prey in a corridor Downbelow, and with our assistance forces him to listen until he hears our side of the issue. We already know he distrusts the Vorlons, so once he knows the whole story, he may be willing to join with us.

We spend some time reminding him of the pleasure we can give him -- we know, now, that he remembers it from his life as Galenn, but remembering pleasure is not the same as feeling it himself. We let Morden have him first -- the two of them are so drawn to each other that keeping apart is causing them both difficulty. Once he surrenders to Morden, we know he will surrender to us -- if nothing else, we will stimulate both of them until they are crazed and desperate, and then we will take them both.

Once his body knows what we can do for him, we talk him into taking us to the One so that we can tell him our side of things. We know he is wise and views arguments from all sides before making decisions -- it is only because of the Vorlons that he has never listened to our side. The Vorlons and their manipulations...

If it is truly a perfect evening, then he will choose our side of the argument and pledge the forces he controls to our cause. Once we have his allegiance, we will celebrate with a grand orgy, and end the evening curled around the three of them on Sinclair's bed...

It's either that, or killing the Vorlon.

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 313 per Pocket Word

Date: 2004-06-21 03:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] londo-mollari.livejournal.com
My not so dear Shadows, you remind me of nobody as much as of my former wife Mariel, a charming woman who suffered from the delusion that just because she was somewhat pleasing between the sheets - ah well, let us not be ungenerous - she was well and truly spectacular! -I would somehow keep her around for a minute longer than I was absolutely forced to, murderous inclinations and general conniving notwithstanding. And I am more of a sentimentalist than either Mr. Garibaldi or the worthy Sinclair. Even should you be able to provide either or both gentlemen with the orgasm of the century - and frankly, looking at you, I rather doubt it - what should be stopping them from dispensing with you afterwards?

In fact, that should make their evening complete and truly perfect. One hopes they'd also behead Mr. Morden while they were at it. However, they probably find their intimate life with each other far too satisfactorily to even bother giving you a nod. However, do not despair, eh? You do appear in someone's fantasy life. During my recent captivity, I found great comfort in this mental picture:



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