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What do you regret losing most?

//There's really only two things we've lost...//

\\...and one of those gave us an opportunity that we wouldn't have otherwise had, so it's not really a loss...\\

Of our losses, only two are truly difficult to bear -- one is the destruction of part of our homeworld by Captain Sheridan's attack. Many of our people were hurt or killed in that attack, and it was a grave loss for us. We are strong, though, and can bounce back from that.

The other is the loss of the Michael Garibaldi that we knew -- he gave himself to us so willingly when our ship took him away. He submitted to us, was willing to do anything to fill that emptiness in himself, and we miss that. It aided us, it aided our allies, it even aided the part of Psi Corps that wasn't allied with us. He was so willing to find anything that would fill that void in him that he gave himself over completely.

And yet, we can't really regret losing him, because what we have gained in exchange is so much greater. That other Garibaldi gave us almost no chance to seduce others, while the Garibaldi we know now, with his soul intact, could deliver us Valen, if we manage to play it right.

Truly, we have no regrets. Every change, every loss, gives us a new opportunity.

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 236 per Pocket Word
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