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What's the furthest away you've ever been from the place you were born/created? How did you get there? Why did you go? Did you return or even want to come back to where you came from?

//Do you think they meant far as in physical distance?//

\\Younger races are asking these questions -- I would say that's almost a certainty...\\

Our homeworld is out on the very Rim, so everywhere we have travelled around these worlds inhabited by the younger races is far from our home. The furthest in distance that we have travelled is Earth.

We always accompany Morden. We would never abandon him, so Babylon 5, Centauri Prime, Mars, Earth -- wherever he is required to go, we go too.

However, we return to our home every chance we get. Our home is our place of power, the source of everything that makes us what we are. Of course we would return there -- despite the damage done to it by Sheridan.

And yet, there are other ways to travel far from one's home, and in many of those ways, Babylon 5 is the furthest we have travelled. So many of the younger races gathered together with so little understanding of how the Universe works. So many who have been fooled by the Vorlons into agreeing with their beliefs. So far from the comforting knowledge that chaos and change are the only ways for the Universe to survive...

And we are always glad to return home after being surrounded by those who follow the Vorlons.

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 257 per PocketWord
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