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Describe your what your 'happily ever after' would be like.

//Isn't that what they have in those human stories?//

\\Fairy tales? Yes -- they all live happily ever after. The evil witch is destroyed, the princess marries the prince, and everything is perfect.\\

//Humans are so funny.//

\\Yes, they are.\\

The great battle comes. The sides are set. On the one side are the Vorlons and the races they have manipulated -- both physically and mentally. On the other side: Us, and all our Associates. All those who are not blinded by the Vorlons and realize that what they offer is nothing more than stagnation and death.

The battle is joined. So many of the younger races have such potential to grow -- all that is needed is for the weaker ones, those without potential, to be culled.

We know the Vorlons want to obliterate all that they call 'Shadow Touched'; all those who think as we do. They see it, naturally, as a threat to them. And yet if they are so good, should they not attempt to explain and allow the younger races a chance to decide for themselves? This is what we do, and yet they are the ones destroying entire worlds because a single being has agreed with us...

But back to our tale. before we get distracted by tangents: Before too many of those races with great potential can be destroyed, the Vorlons see the error of their ways. They realize that their way leads to destruction and death, that they have been using the younger races as pawns, and that blind obedience and manipulation only leads to dependency and weakness.

They not only cease fighting; they tell the younger races all that they have lied about. All the ways they've used them, all the things they have done to them, all the ways they have manipulated them.

And then they allow them to make their own decisions, and those that still resist our ways give us the perfect chance to cause the chaos and conflict to cull the weakest and ensure that life continues.

The End

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 353 per PocketWord
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