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The world will end tomorrow. What will you do today?

//Which world? Our homeworld?//

\\Or Babylon 5?\\

//Or the Epsilon Eridani system? The galaxy?//

\\Or the entire Universe?\\

Our answer depends on which 'world' the question refers to. Our ships have the ability to travel great distances in Hyperspace in a short time, so relocation itself is quite simple. If it is Babylon 5, or this planetary system, or even the galaxy, we would simply take our allies and friends out of the area to a safer place. And perhaps our favourite projects and those we wish to bring over to our side. It would be a shame to lose those who could help us out so much if they became ours...

If it is the Universe? We would still be able to escape to another place, but it would take a little more work, and most probably would require the assistance of greater machinery than just our ships. But since we have greater machinery than just our ships, this is still not much of a stumbling block.

If it is our homeworld, Z'ha'dum, it could be more difficult. We would have to remove all who still live there, move the machines and components and other important projects, and convince... someone to move with us to a new homeworld. It would be hard to leave our home behind, but we would do it. We know there are many planets in this Universe that are ready to house us; many planets where our ships have been left behind, where our influence is felt even now.

We are an ancient race, and would not let the end of the world keep us from continuing.

Muse: Bugs & Daffy (Shadows)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Word count: 282 per Pocket Word


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